Capturing Photos in the Rain


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If not me, then who else should tell you about Taking photos in the Rain? I must have upset the weather gods back in 2017!

eBook comes as a PDF with 30 pages.


Who better than me, Beat Dietsch, to share insights on the art of capturing photos in the rain? It seems like I must have angered the weather gods back in 2017, as I encountered terrible weather wherever I went. However, these challenging conditions forced me to think to find creative solutions to capture compelling photographs while it was raining.

In this eBook, “Capturing Photos in the Rain”, I dive into the specific difficulties I faced while photographing in the rain and provide practical ideas on how to overcome them – I can’t change the weather, so be prepared for some helpful information. Additionally, I explore the unique impact that rain has on a photograph. Personally, I find it to be a fascinating element that adds tremendous value and storytelling to the image.