Free Photomatix Presets


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2 Photomatix Pro Presets are waiting for you. Grab the presets for free! To test those presets, you need to run Photomatix on your computer.


With those free Photomatix presets I will give you an idea what my presets look like. This is my free of charge starter package. I have been working with Photomatix Pro from the very beginning and gained knowledge over time.

I try to be as realistic as I can when working with HDR respectively with Photomatix Pro. Try out the two free Photomatix presets. HDR algorithms combine photos with different exposure into one photograph. You will get an overall properly exposed photo with a natural look if you use my presets. The presets will apply to different light situations.

If you want to know about the camera settings, either search online or grab my eBook “Creating unique HDR Photographs.

In case you need the software, you can download a trial here.