Creating unique Photos


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This eBook describes my workflow in the digital darkroom. There are many ways how to get yourself organized and make the workflow efficient; I share my thoughts about it!

The eBook contains of 48 pages and comes as a PDF. Along with the book you will get some RAW files and presets for Photomatix Pro.



This eBook “Creating unique Photos” describes one of many ways how to setup a retouching workflow. Over the years I have tried out many different things. I intensified the efficiency of my photography workflow in retouching. The eBook describes the way that works perfectly fine for me. If you are a beginner or even intermediate photographer, my workflow helps you to get a clear structure to the post processing workflow.

My eBook “Creating unique Photos” contains a complete HDR tutorial. HDR is an acronym standing for High Dynamic Range. At least three photos are taken to merge it using a software component. The software component I use is Photomatix because I think it is the best one there is. With Photomatix, I create decent and not over cooked HDR photographs.

We will go together over the camera settings and create an HDR photograph using Photomatix Pro 6.0 together in this eBook. The software can be purchased and downloaded here

My retouching workflow also touches the software Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Desktop and Adobe Photoshop CC. (click here to browse the Adobe products) I will show how to seamlessly integrate all the three software components into my retouching workflow to create a unique HDR photograph.