Creative Composition in Photography


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With the eBook “Creative Composition in Photography”, I focus on the composition of a photograph while taking and post processing the photograph. I give you tips and tricks about what to look for and how to increase the look of your photographs.

The eBook contains of 41 pages and comes as a PDF file.

Learn How to compose your photos with the eBook “Creative Composition in Photography”.

The eye with the fundamentals of composition will make powerful and outstanding photographs. This eBook “Creative Composition in Photography” is a guide to increase your photography composition skills to make a photo look interesting. There are a few things that you have to look at during the creating of the photo. Later on, during post processing, there are also a minor things to enhance the composition of the photo.

Since I do this intuitive, this was the hardest eBook to write in my series I call “Bringing Photography into Focus”. Nevertheless, the eBook “Creative Composition in Photography” describes how to make outstanding photos with any camera in a comprehensive way. The retouching techniques in this eBook will teach you how to get a great shot beyond the camera.

The software to explain the post processing of a good composition for a photograph is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC.
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